snippyly-comment-bubble {
  --snippyly-comment-bubble-container-gap: grey;

Select the Comment Bubble component

You can select the Comment Bubble component. Our CSS variables are set at the component level.


Modify a CSS variable

Set the variable to anything you want. We expose a set of variables so you can customize the component to better match your UI.


Check out the table below

Reference the table below to see what parts we expose. Alternatively, you can directly inspect the component HTML to see what parts are available.

propertydefault valuedescription
--velt-comment-bubble-container-gap0Sets the comment bubble container gap
--velt-comment-bubble-count-icon-stroke-width2Sets the comment bubble count icon stroke width
--velt-comment-bubble-count-container-height26pxSets the comment bubble count container height
--velt-comment-bubble-avatar-sizevar(--velt-comment-bubble-count-container-height)Sets the comment bubble avatar size
--velt-comment-bubble-count-container-width32pxSets the comment bubble count container width