The Velt SDK contains 6 components that can be used to control the Comments functionality:

  • VeltComments - Used to enable the Comments feature site wide
  • VeltCommentTool - A button that turns on Comment mode
  • VeltCommentsSidebar - A sidebar that holds active comments
  • VeltSidebarButton - a button to toggle the Comments sidebar
  • VeltCommentBubble - a comment button you can add to an element
  • VeltCommentPlayerTimeline - a way to enable comments on a video player timeline

There are also 5 different types of comment modes that Velt supports:

  • Freestyle - comment anywhere on the page
  • Popover - comment on specific elements that have been marked
  • Stream - comments appear in a column on the right side
  • Text - comments appear as text highlights
  • Inbox - focused comments appear in a sidebar on the right
  • Freestyle

  • Popover

  • Stream

  • Text

  • Inbox