curl --request POST \

Create or Replace Contact List for a Group ID using POST Method API

User's within the same groupId will see the same contacts list.

You can use this method to create a new contact list for an entire groupId if you don’t already have a groupId contact list set up yet.

You can also use this method to replace an entire groupId's contact list if you already have an existing list and want to replace it.

This is useful if you have your user data maintained in a separate database and want to sync the contacts list with your database.

On the client side, be sure to use the same groupId when authenticating your Users. Otherwise, they will not see the correct contact list.



Authorization: Bearer {AUTH_TOKEN}


    "apiKey": "API_KEY",
    "groupId": "GROUPID",
		// list of contacts
    "contacts": [
            "name": "Test user1", // optional
            "email": "", // required
						"userId": "userId", // optional
						"photoUrl": "photoUrl of contact", // optional
            "name": "Test user2",
            "email": ""
            "name": "Test user3",
            "email": ""

No special characters such as dashes are allowed in groupId