Comment Thread Component

We’ve abstacted out the UI we use for the threads in our Commentscomponent into its own component. Now you can use our Comment Thread component with your comment data to create your own custom UIs.

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Update Contact List

The Contact List is the list of emails you see when you try to @mention one of your teammates in a comment thread.

We now have two ways for you to keep your users’ contact lists up to date.

  • Server Side: Implement updates to your contact lists directly through a server-side API call. This method ensures that your contact lists are always synchronized with the latest data.
  • Client Side: For more dynamic updates, the client-side identify() method can be re-called with a configuration object to reinitialize your logged in users’ contact list.

PDF Viewer Support

We’ve added support for you to leave comments on PDF Viewers. To enable this, simply add the data-velt-pdf-viewer attribute on the element containing your PDF.

<!-- Add data-velt-pdf-viewer="true" attribute at container level of your pdf viewer -->
<div id="viewerContainer" data-velt-pdf-viewer="true">
    <!-- Your pdf viewer here -->
    <div id="viewer" class="pdfViewer"></div>