Velt uses the concept of Documents and Locations to organize collaborators into the same shared spaces and subspaces.


Users set with the same Document ID can see each other’s Presence, Cursors, Comments etc.


If you want to add another layer of categorization to organize users together, you can use Location.

For an example, for a Collaborative Slide Presentation application, the Document would represent the entire slide presentation while the Location would represent an individual slide.

As another example, for a Collaborative Video Editor, the Document would represent the entire video player while the Location would represent the timestamps of each video frame.

If a Document is like a house, a Location is like a room within the house.

Locations are completely optional, you can opt to use them or not. If the complexity of your application does not require the use of Locations, you can use Documents by themselves to group your users together.

If you opt to use Locations, users in the same Document must also be in the same Location now to interact.