User Class Properties

userIdstringNoUnique user identifier used to identify your user.
namestringYesThe full name of your user. Defaults to a random avatar name if not provided.
photoUrlstringYesThe display picture URL of your user. Defaults to a random avatar image if not provided.
emailstringYesRequired for sending email or Slack notifications to users about comments and mentions.
planstringYesThe product plan the user is on.
organizationIdstringYesAutogenerated organizationId based on the organizationId you provide.
clientorganizationIdstringYesThe original organizationId provided by you.
colorstringYesA color assigned to the user for the current session, used for avatar border, live cursor, selection etc.
textColorstringYesUsed in the text color of the user’s intial when photoUrl is not present.
typestringYesThe type of user.
isReadOnlybooleanYesIndicates if the user has read-only access.
isAnonymousbooleanYesIndicates if the user is anonymous and can only view comments.
isGuestbooleanYesIndicates if the user is a guest.
groupIdstringYes[DEPRECATED] A domain name or identifier used to cluster a group of users who work together.
clientGroupIdstringYes[DEPRECATED] The original groupId provided by the user.

UserOptions Class Properties

replaceContactsbooleanYesIf set to true, it will replace the user’s personal and group contacts with the ones provided.
authTokenstringYesThe authentication token of the user.