LiveStateData Class

`idstringNoA unique identifier likely used for quick reference and indexing. It’s an MD5 hash of liveStateDataId.
liveStateDataIdstringNoA unique identifier for the state data being synced.
datastring | number | boolean | JSONNoThe actual data you want to synchronize across clients.
lastUpdatedanyNoA timestamp or similar data indicating the last time the state data was updated.
updatedByUserNoThe user who last updated the state data.
tabIdstring | nullYesAn identifier that could be used to associate the state data with a specific tab or instance.

SingleEditorLiveStateData Class

editorUser | nullYesThe user who is currently editing, if any.
requestEditorAccessObject | nullYesDetails about a request for editor access.
tabIdstring | nullYesThe identifier of the tab, if applicable.

requestEditorAccess Class:

userUserNoThe user requesting editor access.
requestedAtanyNoThe timestamp when the access was requested.
status‘pending’ | ‘accepted’ | ‘rejected’ | ‘cancelled’NoThe status of the access request.
editorAccessTimeoutnumberNoTimeout duration for the editor access.
tabIdstring | nullYesThe identifier of the tab related to the access request.

SingleEditorConfig Class

customModebooleanYesEnables/disables custom mode. In custom mode, input elements are not disabled for the viewer.
singleTabEditorbooleanNoEnables/disables editor mode on a single tab only.

UserEditorAccess Class

isEditorbooleanYesIndicates whether the user has editor privileges.
isEditorOnCurrentTabbooleanYesIndicates whether the user is an editor on the current tab.